My father would always say, “Keep your options open”. So at his suggestion, I applied for an ‘ophthalmic dispensing optician permit’. In 1970 I was attending college in pursuit of an art and psychology degree. Always in need of pocket change for gas and art supplies, a job working in the family optical business made perfect sense….who knew it would become my life’s work.

What had started out as a part time job has become my life’s ambition…and passion

In 1978, with the support of my parents, I opened my own business, Susan Valenza Optician, Inc.

In 2008, we celebrated 30 years of proudly serving Nutley, NJ.

All that I had learned in art and psychology now translated magically into this new world of Optics.

As in art, Optics is a science that requires a knowledge and understanding of light color, form and design.

As in psychology, professional eye care requires knowledge and understanding of individual needs in order to best serve that individual.

My sincere “Thank You” to all of you who have supported and valued my efforts as an Eye Care Professional